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Donna Green

Donna has recently finished a seven month volunteering role with Solent NHS Trust but for a very good reason. She tells her story below:

“I have always wanted to work in administration, however I had absolutely no experience in this area and was finding it hard to get an interview. After speaking to someone who worked at the Trust’s headquarters, Highpoint I found out there were some volunteering positions going across NHS including admin roles. I decided to contact them to see if it was something I could do.

“I spoke to Christine Gregson, Voluntary Services and Patient Experience Manager, and she offered me a few hours a week to work in an office. My job entailed me helping to organise all the patient feedback forms, I also learnt how to input data, fill in Excel spreadsheets and other basic admin tasks. I enjoyed the work so much that it made me realise it was something I really wanted to do permanently.

After a few months I managed to get an interview within Solent NHS Trust to become a bank administrator. This opportunity gave me additional experience in other admin roles. It also meant I was able to start earning a wage which had always been my long term goal.  My son was due to start school and I really wanted to have something in place for when he started. I am now working in the Dental referral centre and I am really enjoying it. I have also been offered school hours to fit around my son which is perfect.”

Donna offers this advice to anyone thinking about volunteering, “ Go for it!  I’m now fully employed with Solent NHS Trust and I would never have got that opportunity if it wasn’t for my volunteering role.  Although I wasn’t being paid, at the time, it was worth it in the end as I am now working part time which fits in with my son’s preschool hours.“