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Portsmouth Rehabilitation and Reablement Team (PRRT)

Portsmouth Rehabilitation and Reablement Team (PRRT) is a multi-disciplinary team which provides a responsive crisis service that is built around place with wrap around support to optimally manage crisis needs at home and avoid unnecessary admissions, a city-wide service that ‘pulls’ patients into the community and avoids unnecessary admissions to the acute by coordinating resources and providing a single point of access for step up / step down provision and an intermediate care offer, providing rehabilitation, reablement and recovery support, in people's home during the hours of 7am - 10pm over seven days.

We have a variety of exciting opportunities in this unique and diverse team so we're sure there will be something to suit you! Click on the below links to find out more and apply!


Band 5 - Rotational Occupational Therapist

Band 6 - Specialist Occupational Therapist

Band 6 - Physiotherapist


Come and join our virtual Career Events to find out more about the amazing work we do in PRRT and how you can be a part of it!

Follow the below link to sign up for either Tuesday (13th July) in the Evening or Thursday (15th July) at Lunchtime.