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Amber's story - Newly qualified nurse

Amber - Adult Nurse, Community Nursing 

Joining Solent NHS Trust as a newly qualified nurse has been a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet other newly qualified nurses during the Newly Qualified Induction Programme. This was positive as I felt supported from the outset. The induction period was a great opportunity to meet some of the professionals who I would be liaising with when I started my role, as well as gaining the skills for practice before implementing them, to ensure I felt confident and competent.

The clinical nurse educators support all members of staff in practice and support your personal development and skill ability. During the first four weeks, I participated in I.V training, bowel care training, continence training, end of life training, tissue viability training as well as personal and professional development and support groups.

The team I work with consist of different bands with different skills, the team works well as we all are valued for our individualities. There are always opportunities to work with each other and with other professionals.

I have developed my confidence and my clinical abilities since being in this role, I enjoy the patients I see and the tasks I carry out, there is always opportunity to develop further and advance in my role. Community nursing offers a unique insight into patients’ personal lives and the opportunity to develop lasting relations.

"I have had a fantastic start to my role as a community staff nurse and have felt supported throughout my career journey"